new_purpleJohn Paul studied art in England at West Surrey College of Art & Design as well as Arizona State University.

At ASU he was privileged to study under the guidance of art photography historian, Bill Jay. There he had personal access to many of the legends of photography including Eugene Smith, Paul Caponigro, Minor White, and Ansel Adams.

John worked many years in Chicago as a professional photographer. He then developed a successful career in Information Technology at AT&T Bell Laboratories, studying for a Master of Science from Northwestern University and providing consultation to many Fortune 500 corporations.

Few industries have escaped the disruptive nature of digital information technology. It has changed photography and given rebirth to an aging medium for millions of people. Along side of its arrival, John Paul reexamines some of the ideas defining photographic art. He introduces us to current scientific thought concerning information theory, the acquisition of meaning and truth. His “photographs” are remarkable examples of his ideas about creating art in the digital age.



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