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PROJECTED MOMENTS published by DIGITWORK is available as an electronic art book on Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and


What we call a photograph and what it has become over the last two centuries is interesting. The first photograph was a photogram, drawn with light, without a camera or lens. Today a photograph can be an image of the gamma ray distribution in the Milky Way Galaxy. It can be something drawn with a certain kind of camera, a computer, without light or lens.

In some instances, the new tools and materials are blurring the categorical lines of what we would historically define to be a photograph. Is it a photograph that is now displayed and viewed on a monitor rather than in print? Is it animated or does it evolve or move across the screen? Indeed, we have moved into the age where photographs are images purchased for viewing on our iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and HDTVs. They are not, necessarily, works produced to be printed and hung on a wall. We might call this new development in photography digitwork in the same spirit that Alfred Stieglitz invoked when he referred to the art of his pictorials as camerawork.

This book published by DigitWork, Projected Moments, introduces the artwork of John Paul along with some of his thinking and writing. He introduces us to current scientific thought concerning information theory and the acquisition of meaning and truth. His works, the 70 images represented here, are remarkable examples of his ideas in this book and about about creating art in the digital age. —Max Chevron


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